St Joseph

For my saint I chose st Joseph here is why and some info about him


joseeph husband of Mary/Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) was born 90 bc (Bethlehem) and  died 20 ad (Nazareth) nationality: roman  he  is worshiped in many cristian traditions and is the father of Jesus Christians say that he is the foster father of Jesus but is  Mostly called jesses biological father the reason I choose st Joseph was because he was the father of Jesus and I wanted to know more about him the reason Joseph became a saint is because people voted him to become one because they said he was a good man and was the father of Jesus. Anyway that is some info about Joseph and why I choose him BYEEEE!!!!!!


hope and joy person : steve jobs

1. What is hope and joy?

hope and joy is…   HOPE: hope is not giving up being persistent JOY:is basically happiness

2. Tell us about this person

steve jobs is the founder and maker of apple and He has changed how computers and phones work he was very persistent on making the mac computer but sadly died at 2011 October the 5th

3. How do they demonstrate hope and joy?

he shows hope by his persistence on the Macintosh and joy because he was just a happy and great full man

4. How could you be more like this person?

i can be more persistent not give up be happy and great full

5. Is there any other relevant information you can add about this person?

yes, it is : Steve jobs was the founder and maker of Macintosh/apple he was working in the garage when he got the idea to make a computer that everyday people could use (back then computer where all code) so he told the idea to some of his friends and they all agreed to do it, after a few months his friends gave up except for one his friends said it is impressible and it wont work  but Steve jobs continued and succeeded the computer was very successful so they developed more eventually making the tech today!!!



6. Add a visual image of this person


what i enjoyed :

i enjoyed getting soaked on my ride although i regret it after when my teeth where chattering it was still AWESOME

why my group succeeded :

i thing it was a success because it was fun enjoyable sporty and just plain AWESOME

what i can do next time :

i forgot a few things for the obstacle course of course they really dident make a difference but i just would have made it better

Why it is important:

it is important because it is fun for the people doing it and the money that is raised goes to charity

what would have made it better:

there should have been a viarity of shops because this time there where TO MANY food shops




EBOLA is a very contagious and dangerous disease it has killed more than 300 people in Western Africa you have to bee VERY care full with it scientist are trying very hard  to find a cure but are having no luck  are are also trying to prevent it from spreading people are scared that it is going to spread to many country’s and eventually kill the human race!!!!! 


Andy griffins challenge

Andy griffins writing challenge- pew pew pow pow oh hey there didn’t see you there my names max and this is my friend Franky we own a tree house “Hey!! Who are you talking to max??” “Agh know one” “then why are you talking” “oh fine you caught me I am making a vlog on youtube geez now can you please be quiet now??” “Ok but one question! Am I in it??” “Ya ok com here.” “Yay!!!” Anyway back to where I was… we own a treehouse and we where just playing laser tag and now where going to the ice cream parlour… Here we are! Our ice cream parlour one million ice cream flavours i normally have the usual witch is mango,lemon gelato,iced tea/coffee,revenge of the nerds,bubble gum, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate also I forgot to say we serve eatch other So Franky Could i please have a nine scoop waffle cone with my usual sure… Here you go thank you now to serve you all right swap positions  whoop so max chould i please get a five scoop with  chocolate, one Choc, double Choc, triple Choc and quadruple Choc thank you Sure… Here you go thank you….. oh god the vlog has been going for 20 miniutes we better say bye Franky bye bye!!!

Snap shot

I feel the cushion from the chair on my butt i hear the waiters footsteps coming towards me I see his mouth moving but don’t know what his saying I guess (because he is a waiter ) he said whould you like anything so i replyed  a hot dog please he nods and I nod back my ears return to the music .


Last hug : this is a little kids book and I think it reminds me of when I was 5 years old it is kinda fun to read I like it really I can’t say it is bad because it is for 5-7 year olds and I’m 11 so i don’t know if it is good if I was 5i think I will enjoy it i really don’t have any more to say so




What I like: I like how there is lots of action and suspense it is action packed and very well written probably the best story from Rick Riordan Good job Rick!!!
Bad things: there are some bad things it’s not that discriptive but other than that I think it is AWESOME